A Cheat-Sheet of December's Five Best Fashion Mags

There's no better remedy for those cold winter nights than curling up with a big ole Stack O' Magazines. Add to that a glass of vino and maybe some "30 Rock" blaring in the background, and you're good to go. Well, in the hopes of giving you such an enchanted evening (our needs are simple), we've put in some time at the newsstand to gather up the ultimate reading list of winter issues. Trust us. We've done the research, and here is where your hard-earned buck will be best spent...along with that bottle of wine.
1. Paris Vogue--Calendar girls Raquel, Natasha, and Iselin turn up the heat just in time for winter.
Highlight: The yearly calendar is so steamy this year it gives the 2010 Pirelli calendar a real run for its money.
Eye Candy: Buxom babes old and new take over this issue - Lara Stone has a solo shoot in "La Tentation du Diamant," and cover girl Laetitia Casta has not 1, not 2, but 3 separate editorials.
Pull Quote: Je ne parle pas Français!
2. V—Natalie's lookin' so fierce she might've pulled a light saber on us if we didn't pick it up!
Highlight: "Pin Me Up Pin Me Down"—We've rediscovered our love for bustiers and pinup gals. Again.
Eye Candy: "Rock Couture"—All that beaded Givenchy gives us a few DIY ideas to put on our New Year's To Do list.
Quoted: "I realized how close I had been to dying...which makes you kind of a sissy, because you're then afraid of everything." —Charlotte Gainsbourg (on her near-death experience)
3. Acne Paper—Those eyes...
Highlight: "The Great White Lodge"—This ethereal editorial makes us want to run off to an enchanted forest to frolic with a fog machine clad in sequins and flowing gowns.
Eye Candy: Our art sweet tooth was satisfied with the collection of masterpieces we can finally hang on our walls (Michelangelo, Dürer, Munch, Klimt...yep, we might have a cavity now).
Pull Quote: "I think of her as a very developed performance artist; a sort of cross between Marilyn Manson and Leigh Bowery, with something of the legend of Michael Jackson thrown in." —Tilda Swinton (on Marchesa Casati)
4. Love—The juxtaposition between America's young sweethearts with the grungier "children of the night" had us flipping back and forth for hours.
Highlight: "Bloodline"—Love brings together an inspiring assortment of "we will succeed and won't take any B.S on the way" emerging talent, including Pixie Geldof, Charles Guislan, Dree Hemingway, Ranya Mordanova, and much more.
Eye Candy: The Louis Vuitton bunny ears on Sid the bunny. We Die.
Pull Quote: "Fashion goes way beyond obsession, it's an addiction. I really, really love." —Tavi, fashion blogger
4. Harper's Bazaar—RPatz. Need we say more (other than we'd love to have him for Christmas)?
Highlight: "The Fun & Fabulous Gift Guide"—Stumped on what to get your mom and your man for the holidays? Have no fear, Bazaar's gargantuan gift guide is here.
Eye Candy: "Wild Ride"—We don't know which was more pleasing to our eyes, Robert Pattison's devilish grin or Stewart's custom McQueen gown.
Pull Quote: "Even if other girls admire your commitment to not giving a shit what boys think of you, after a while it's nice to be noticed." —Alexa Chung
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