Fancy Feet! 10 Ultra-Chic Snaps Of The Coolest Kicks In Town

If anything can instantly kickstart our internal covet-o-meter, it's seeing a fabulous pair of shoes... on someone else's feet. It's funny, but true: Nothing makes a pair of killer heels or perfectly distressed moto boots as appealing as spying them on a stylish stranger. To wit, we're always scoping out the shoe scene at events, on the street, and inside local shops. But lately, we've been keeping a photog close at hand to document each stalk-worthy set of soles, too.
Now, we're presenting you with the fruits of our (somewhat voyeuristic) labor — a bounty of lust-worthy footwear we spotted, and snapped, right here in Washington. Click through to see our favorite pairs (and pick out your own!).