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DAVIS shoes

DAVIS_Shoes_main.jpg by Jonathan Forgang
It's not often in fashion that you find a product that possesses both design ingenuity and beautiful aesthetic qualities. Somehow DAVIS shoes have done just that by taking high tech innovation and matching it with high fashion to create a shoe that wears its ergonomics with pride. These shoes look like a savior from a later time that can save women from their high-heel woes, but at the same time they have a classic design that won't leave you looking like an extra in a '60s sci-fi b-movie. Based in New York, DAVIS uses architectural materials like titanium, carbon fiber, and chrome to create a modern, sleek shoe with a futuristic look. We figure, if this is the same stuff they use to build skyscrapers that can withstand hurricane winds and major earthquakes, a night on the town will be a breeze.
DAVIS shoes are available at Jeffrey and Otto Tootsi Plohound. From $250.
DAVIS shoes uses innovative techniques and materials to create a shoe that looks and feels great.