David Lynch Brings Silencio To Life In Paris

From directing Academy Award-winning surrealist movies to engaging in strange, flirtatious conversations with Barbie's head, David Lynch always manages to keep us guessing. WWD reports that the owners of Social Club in Paris will open a new club with Mr. Lynch in the basement of their space on 142 Rue Montmartre this September. The creative reins of this project are entirely in the hands of the talented director, right down to the furniture, and will feature a bar, restaurant, movie theater, concert hall, and art library. Sure to set movie buffs' hearts aflutter, the club will be called "Silencio," just like the one featured in Lynch's psychedelic cult classic, Mulholland Drive. No word on whether the real Silencio can live up to the mind-bending experience of the eerie blue Silencio of Hollywood lore, but knowing Mr. Lynch, he's sure to not disappoint. As if we really needed another reason to envy our chic Parisian counterparts.
Photo of a chair designed by David Lynch, via WWD.

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