The Beckhams Get His 'N' Hers Covers for 10 Mag's Anniversary

While ordinary Americans may still be on Posh and Becks overload following Vicki's stint on American Idol, it seems that the editorial team over at 10 Magazine and 10 Men couldn't disagree more: The duo star in his and hers' covers shot by Cedric Buchet debuting simultaneously this month. Mrs. Beckham, changing her trademark hair for the 17,000th time (though we like this, curls!), staggeringly claims she is the same dress size as Jennifer Lopez (WTF?) and chronicles Marc Jacob's campaign to get her into flats. Meanwhile, "seksi" Becks isn't as, uh, outgoing as his Emporio Armani ads suggest. According to Beckham, "It was a daunting experience stripping off in front of a room of people, but after a while you get used to it, although my mum still hasn't." Well, we know which one we're gonna buy first!

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