No Joke, This Guy Will Plan Your Dates For You (For $12.50/Hour)

Since when is "Secretary of Date" a legit job title? Apparently, since now. When time is of the essence, and Mr. Right remains to be found, it seems people will pay for just about anything. Enter, Craigslist's hot new listing: Brenndon Knox, professional date planner.
Yes, we all have busy lives, but really, that's no excuse to forgo love. For just $12.50 an hour, Knox will plan the perfect rendezvous (Whole Foods shopping in a prom dress, anyone?) for you and your beau (or blind date). The experience may be out of your comfort zone, but at least it'll fit your schedule. You never know; your dating dreams could come true here, so really, it’s a small price to pay, no? (Jezebel)
Photo: Via Jezebel

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