What Moving Looks Like For Millennials — By The Numbers

Modern Money Matters is Refinery29 and Chase's exploration of what the modern American family really looks like — from starting a family to moving — and what it actually costs to make it all happen.
According to research from Pew, just 20% of millennials moved in 2016 — a noticeably fewer amount than previous generations when they were the same age. It's a surprising reality, given the fact that millennials are delaying marriage and home ownership, which gives them way more opportunity for mobility than their parents and grandparents had.
So what's causing them to stay put? In short, the Great Recession is to blame — as well as the resulting fickle job market (jobs are typically the main impetus for the generation to move homes).
When millennials actually do move, they still go about things differently than past generations — most notably, their moves are frequently impermanent.
To gain a greater understanding of what moving (and all the costs that go into it) looks like for millennials today, we partnered with Chase to take a look at the lives of real women who have approached the process in unique and sometimes completely unprecedented ways. But first, we dug into the numbers. Ahead, a close look at the most common trends in moving for young Americans.
Source: Rent.com

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