Daisy Lowe's New MTV Show Premieres This Sunday!

Us Americans may get to brag about seeing the adorable Alexa Chung on screen everyday, but our friends across the pond can now catch the equally amazing Daisy Lowe on screen when her new reality show, 24 Hours with Daisy Lowe, airs this Sunday on MTV UK. Follow dear Daisy around as she gets charitable in Barnardos with Alice Dellal, strips down for Agent Provocateur, and, you know, does a little political protesting on the side. The MTV UK site even has some previews up right now (including a near-naked Daisy in bunny ear get-up) to whet your appetite. While we may not get to curl up in front of the tube with our favorite banged vixen every Sunday like you lucky Brits, we'll definitely be streaming the show on our computers...and let the It Brit television battle begin!
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