Daisy and Peaches Behind Bars and Between the Pages of W Magazine

Leave it to Steven Meisel to out-do Madonna. Not to mention provide the answer to our-is fashion-week over-yet-prayers. if you haven't picked up the latest issue of W, get a copy. Yes, there is Madge's amorous romp with a famously younger stallion. But we were equally distracted from our Bryant Park duties by the juvenile delinquents in Meisel's gritty spread "Law & Order". Think London's current clique of it girls; Eliza Cummings, Portia Freeman, Eden Clark, Amy Greenhouse, Daisy Lowe, and Peaches Geldof caught doing bad things in bathrooms in what appears to be a mock-up of the old House of D. Is it art? It it a patently ridiculous waste of paper and a blatant retread of Meisel's earlier "Rehab" piece. Vogue spread? You'll have to tell us in the comments. Whatever it is, it's definitely not the Breakfast Club.


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