Daily Diversion: Vandalized Subway Ads That Go Above And Beyond

Whenever we go down in the subway, we're bombarded with lamo ads. Tyler Perry stares at us at the Times Square station (seriously, when doesn't he have a movie playing?!), dial-a-lawyers are asking us if we've ever had asbestos poisoning, and Budweiser consistently wants us to get our brewski on. After a while, we get as immune to it as those dudes sitting next to us who are always downing that foot-long subs—it takes something really special to catch our jaded peepers. Enter Urlesque, which has put together 27 hilarious vandalized advertisements, calling out everything from SJP's mole to Matt Damon's dubious movie choice. So, take a break from that Powerpoint, these are some commercials you won't mind checking out. (Urlesque)

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