Daily Diversion: T-Rex Tries Things, Fails

All hail the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex! King of the carnivores! Scourge of the Cretaceous Period! Towering, terrifying, and, yet... such small arms. While we all know him as a sword-toothed killer, we've often wondered how the powerful coelurosaurian theropod was able to get through the rest of his busy day doing things like, say, playing the bass, with those tiny forward appendages. Artist Hugh Murphy has done the detective work on his hilarious Tumblr, T-Rex Trying, and found out that, yes, the dinosaur would have some serious difficulties skiing, stealing candy from vending machines, and painting his house. Honestly, we're staring to feel bad for ol' Rexie – as if extinction weren't bad enough. (T-Rex Trying...)

Image: Via T-Rex Trying...


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