Adult-Appropriate Bedding That Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

Photo: Courtesy of Urban Oufitters.
If we could take a time machine back to being a kids again, we would. It was an era long before bad dating app matches, over-priced takeout orders, and Sunday scaries were even a twinkle in our innocent eyes. For me, those precious years were filled with easily arranged playdates, packed lunches from home, and more Disney Princess-themed merch than I knew what to do with — most memorably, a set of Little Mermaid sheets. But just because we may be hardened adults who don’t possess time traveling powers, are too busy for playdates, and have no palate for PB&Js, doesn’t mean we can no longer rely on our beds to bring us back.
While we won’t be going full princesses and mermaids on our pillow and duvet spreads, we can get our quota of throwback comfort from ten sheet sets that are cute AF, but still adult-appropriate. Whether it’s a tasteful avocado print, artful sketches of sleepy sloths, or a classy comic book revamp, the adorable bedding ahead is sophisticated with hints of nostalgic vibes. So cancel those post-work drinks you were dreading, slip on a pair of these carefree sheets, and travel back to simpler times instead (no judgements here if you decide to munch a PB&J in bed).
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Illustrated avocado sheets are millennials' version of a comic book superfood hero.

Urban Outfitters Avocado Duvet Cover Set, $59.99, available at Urban Outfitters.
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These sheets are a Jungle Book meets Wes Anderson dream.

Anthropologie Leopard Sheet Set, $58-$198, available at Anthropologie.
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You're never too old for butterflies — be they tattoos or sheet sets.

Pottery Barn Butterfly Print Organic Sheet Set, $47-77, available at Pottery Barn.
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If only this midnight snack duvet and pillow sham set were scratch and sniff...

Zana Midnight Snack Duvet Cover, $116, available at Etsy.
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For those out there who never got to live their childhood bird for a pet dreams, this tastefully tropical duvet set is for you.

H&M Patterned Duvet Cover Set, $59.99, available at H&M.
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We're going nuts over this graphic coconut-printed set.

Galisto Designs Coconut Bedding Set, $93.75, available at Etsy.
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These adorable tumbling sloth sheets represent our adult morning moods.

Urban Outfitters Sloth Duvet Cover Set, $69-$109, available at Urban Outfitters.
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Showing your love of dogs with an immortalizing sheet set print is timeless, whether you be eight or 28.

Jamie Dog Print Duvet Cover Set 4-Piece, $84.99, available at Target.
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Keep things peachy keen with this bright and simple spread.

Urban Outfitters Peaches Duvet Cover, $89-99, available at Urban Outfitters.
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If you want to really throw it back, chic batman sheets are the way to go.

Day Send Designs Comic Book Bat Bedding Set, $100, available at Etsy.
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