This Bang Trend Changes EVERYTHING

Bangs. Seriously, how many "moments" can one hairstyle have? Fringe is like the tide, constantly floating in and out of style while never fully fading away. You may think you've gone through your bang phase, but they're always waiting in the wings, ready to flood your brain once again with that inevitable life question: Should I get bangs?

As you know, answering "yes" can lead you down a precarious path — a seemingly simple way to switch up your look ends up being a total hairstyling time suck (and a total pain to grow out when you finally give up). But 2016 brings good news on the bang front. This year, we say skip the blowdryer, toss that mini flat iron, and embrace your fringe as is. Curls, cowlicks, unruliness, and all — messy bangs for the win.
The trend is a little bit '70s, a little bit grunge, and a whole lot of cool. Don't believe us? We've got proof, ahead.

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