This Real Girl Reveals Her Curly Hair Mojo!

After ditching her dreads for natural curls, our latest inspiring lady, Khalym Schell, had to adopt a whole new hair routine. Admittedly, the process took her a few rounds of product and styling trial-and-error, but she eventually got her 'do down. And lucky for you, this real girl is sharing her curly-haired secrets right here (get ready to take notes). And when it comes to personal style, Khalym is far from averse to slipping on some sky-high heels and never shy about breaking out the black eyeliner or stepping out in a killer shade of purple lipstick. But no matter what, she's still ridiculously skilled at keeping her look streamlined and sexy.
Khalym Schell, 32, Trend Analyst at Stylesight
Curly hair can be a challenge. Do you have any secret styling weapons or styling tips for naturally curly hair?
"I’m crazy, methodical, and annoying to friends about my curly hair styling process, but it’s worth it. I’ve been wearing a curly fro for little over a year now and have learned that just the right moisture balance is everything. Instead of using shampoo, which can be drying, I co-wash my hair (which is conditioning every other day). I also use Miss Jessie’s Super Sweetback Treatment each week as a deep conditioner. It leaves my hair unbelievably soft and smells like strawberries. For styling, I love Hair Rules Kinky Curling Cream to define my curls. It gives me soft spirals instead crispy curls, like other styling creams."
Do you use any special tricks to combat your hair issues?
"Oil is just magic. I always finish my hairstyle with an oil. It helps smooth frizzies, slip out tangles, and seal in moisture. Afro curls are especially porous, so even after heavily conditioning my hair, I seal in moisture with oil. Right now I use a combination of Hairkop Australia Shine Spray Serum for shine and Ojon Hair Revitalizing Mist to refresh my curls."
What's your signature makeup look?
"I go for a natural, ethereal beauty—I keep it soft and simple. My daily makeup bag only contains 3 items: black eyeliner, Bare Escentuals powder and the perfect nude gloss. I like a seductive eye with heavy eyeliner and an almost bare face."
Where do you get your makeup and hair inspirations?  "French New Wave films, especially Vivre Sa Vie and Pierrot le Fou, have such great hair and makeup inspiration. I love all of French actress, Anna Karina’s looks. I give her credit for subtly influencing my afro-bob and my love of black eyeliner."
What's your dream hairstyle?
"I long for thick hair. My hair is really fine and thin. In a dream world I would to have Chaka Khan or Diana Ross’s long blown-out Afros from the '70s."
Tell us about your favorite makeup and skincare products and why you love them.
"I’m obsessed with maintaining youthful skin, so I already follow an anti-aging skincare regimen. Exfoliation and sunscreen are musts. I use a combination of Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser, DDF Retinol Energizing Moisturizer, and Miracle Skin Transformer SPF20 in Deep Dark."
What's your favorite, quick-fix beauty trick?
"My biggest beauty secrets are using inexpensive products you find at the drugstore. I get a lot of attention for my shiny legs during the summer and it’s all thanks to Vaseline. And Sally Hansen Complete Care 4-in-1 Treatment helps my nail polish stay on for almost 2 weeks."

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