The All-In-One Cream That Really Does It All

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When it comes to all-in-one creams, those magical concoctions that claim to do the jobs of multiple products, my attitude has always been very simple: I call BS. It's not that I don't think they're beneficial for the skin. It's just that I've never found one that could truly replace all of my beloved lotions and potions. So, it was with a healthy dose of skepticism that I reviewed Cult 51, a purported multitasking miracle worker that just debuted in the U.S. after igniting a — wait for it — cult frenzy in Europe.
Billed as a "3D" night cream, Cult 51 was created by cosmetic chemist Richard Mears using knowledge he gained while working in product development for some of the biggest names in the beauty biz. Mears wanted to make a hero product: one that used high, synergistic concentrations of active ingredients to deliver multifaceted results to the skin. He believes in the power of the formula he's created so much that he's eschewed the usual bells and whistles — there's no mainstream marketing campaign and zero frills around the packaging. The money, as Mears likes to say, is all in the cream.
And, at $215, it's quite a chunk of change. But, I was intrigued by Mears' passion for his work, so I decided to put my jaded cynicism aside for a moment. My usual nighttime routine consists of toner, serum, acne treatment, eye cream, neck cream, and night cream — on top of freshly washed skin. When I ditched all of these and just slathered Cult 51 on my face and neck, I felt like I was playing hooky. I went to sleep and waited for the skin-care gods to smite me for being so lackadaisical about my complexion.
Cut to a month later, and I have ditched all of my nighttime products in favor of Cult 51. I know: I didn't believe it either — but it's that good. I woke up the morning after first using it with my skin feeling velvety and looking dewy, soft, and supple. The results only got better as I continued, and I'm happy to report zero breakouts — a triumph for me when you consider that most creams heavier than a gel or serum turn me into a spotted mess. This stuff works.
I, for one, am hooked. But, I realize this jar's not very budget-friendly. If you're a simple cleanser-and-moisturizer type of girl, it's probably not for you. However, if you're like me — someone who invests their money in multiple products — this could be a better deal than purchasing all of those items separately. I also like that the entire line is based around one key formula. I'm not buying something only to be told I need to supplement it with this serum and that eye cream in order to get the desired outcome. Not to mention the amount of time I save prepping my skin at night — it takes a lot of work to get great skin, so I'll take any (effective) shortcut I can find.
Cult 51 Night Cream, $215, available at B-Glowing.

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