These Crystals Belong In Your Garden This Summer

The sun is out, the weather is balmy, and nature finally seems welcoming. Despite your previous, failed attempts to raise a snake plant beyond its sprout stages, you're sure that this is the summer you become the green-thumbed gardener you know you can be. We'd never doubt your skills, but wouldn't a little additional, can-do energy in the form of a gorgeous crystal or two help you tend your budding garden (pun intended) with confidence?
We spoke to Heather Askinosie, crystal expert, cofounder of Energy Muse and co-author of Crystal Muse, to learn more about how crystals can enhance even the humblest house plant.
Call it a little on-the-nose, but two of the three types of crystals that Askinosie recommends are literally green. The aptly named moss agate and green aventurine will look right at home in (if not blend right into) any bed of flowers or pot of succulents. But that is not to say that clear quartz, Askinosie's third garden-friendly pick (and easily the most commonplace of the three), will be an eyesore among your plants. All three of these crystals have something to offer a garden, but for pretty different reasons, Askinosie explains.

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Let's start, fittingly, at the roots. If you struggle to just get a garden started (let alone to make it thrive), moss agate should be your first pick. Askinosie calls it "a stone of birth," adding that it's "great for imbuing the energy of fertility, abundance, and transformation in all living things that surround it." So, you'll probably want to have this crystal handy from the moment you lay the soil to when you're watering your seedlings.
Speaking of seedlings, your plants could benefit from the presence of a clear quartz while they're still relatively young. "It has an amplifying energy that stimulates growth," Askinosie says. She adds that it'll help if you "place the quartz crystal just beneath the soil or in a grid in your garden."
Finally, there's green aventurine, one of Askinosie's favorite gardening crystals. She calls it a "master healer" with the ability to balance the energy of a space and lend an air of "well-being and calm" to it. "It brings an abundant energy that encourages whatever environment it’s placed into to flourish," she adds. If there's a stone that ought to boost your garden's longevity, it's green aventurine.

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Luckily, if you happen to like the way another type of crystal looks alongside your window box of kitchen herbs, it's highly unlikely it'll impede the growing process. "All crystals come from the earth and are well-suited to its energy," Askinosie says. "There’s really no going wrong when it comes to enhancing your garden landscape with crystal energy."
Askinosie says you can leave these crystals in your garden as long as wish, although they can serve a purpose in other areas of your life, too, if you want to bring them inside every so often. The most important thing, she says, is to set an intention for your stones. Hold them in your hands and think about your goals for the garden. That way, when you place the crystals among your plants, they'll be energetically charged toward what you hope to accomplish — even if it's as simple a high-vibe Instagram post.