We're Giving You Complete Control...Over These Girls' Hair

Photographed by Nicolas Bloise.
We've got a bone to pick with makeovers. To us, there's something that just feels inherently off about the practice of making someone over. Oftentimes, they are done with the implication that the victim's subject's look is somehow wrong and therefore needs to be corrected, usually with the help of highlights and a bob.
That's not how we roll around the R29 offices. When it comes to makeovers here, we firmly believe they aren't about "fixing" but rather shaking things up (shakeovers?). Sometimes you get stuck in a rut and you're looking for a little help getting out of it. That's how three of our staffers were feeling, so we decided to treat them to a little hair therapy courtesy of the pros at Blackstones salon in NYC's East Village.
But, being the lovable weirdos we are, we wanted to do things a little differently. We know people tend to take makeovers pretty personally, and everyone always has an opinion on the final looks. So, we decided to make these makeovers interesting by having YOU decide on the look each girl gets. It's either a brilliant idea or a totally crazy one, but we're going for it no matter what.
We took our three brave victims to Blackstones for a consultation last week with stylist Jamie Cook and colorist Carla Naya Rombauer. These pros dreamed up three different possible looks (all given the thumbs-up by our makeover subjects, so don't worry) they thought would be amazing on each girl. We're letting you vote on which look each girl should get, and the 'do with the most votes will be the hairstyle they get. Yes, we told you they were brave.
So, click through the slideshow to meet each girl, hear about her hair hopes and dreams, and find out what Carla and Jamie devised for them. Then, head to the comments and tell us which look you want to see on them. The style with the most votes for each girl will be chosen for them, and we'll unveil their brand-new 'dos on August 22. Just remember: With great power comes great responsibility, so don't let them down. Power to the people!

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