Bad Credit? These Are The Best Credit Cards For You

Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
Ah, the dreaded low credit score. The nemesis of financial adulthood. That elusive, pesky thing you ignored for so many years, until it finally caught up with you. Or, if you're like me, until some kind soul was like, "Wait what do you mean you're about to turn 30?!" and finally explained what a credit score even is. (Thanks, uncle James.) Regardless of your credit score's sordid history, if you're currently looking at a low one, you're likely wondering things such as how did I get here? and also how do I get out?
We have a few ideas. And one of them is swapping out your current credit card(s) for an option that will best fit your score. Luckily, WalletHub has done the shopping around for you; it offers a tool that helps you find the best card for your credit score — the good, the bad, and the "limited." Read ahead for your best bets for bad credit.

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