In Defense Of The Ponytail

If we know you, and we do, you’ve got an elastic band wrapped around your wrist right now. Or, maybe you’ve upgraded to the flat, knotted ribbon that’s supposed to indicate that you know better. Either way, everyone knows why it’s there. To pull your hair back into a DGAF ponytail the first time a strand of hair touches your face.
Great, now you’re comfortable. You know what else is comfortable? Sweatpants.    
Yeah, we said it. Your basic ponytail is the sweatpants of hairstyles. But, not even cool ones, like a banded leather style or harem sweatpants. Just regular Rocky Balboa sweatpants. But, that doesn't mean all ponytails deserve to be dismissed as "lazy." On the contrary, there are plenty of high-fashion, high-impact ways to wear a pony.
Like Rocky, you need motivation. And, we’ve got your inspiration. We’ve gathered the most inventive, beautiful, cool, amazing iterations of the ponytail in recent memory, from ultra-sleek to the effortlessly disheveled. Each look is deceptively simple and extremely un-boring.     
Now, grab a hairbrush and crank up "Eye of the Tiger." You got this.      

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