3 Insanely Stylish Cures For Your Lack Of Bathroom Storage

Photographed by Fran Parente.
Okay, so there's a good chance that your bathroom doesn't look exactly like this spacious setup. (Ours certainly doesn't.) But, take away the enviable square-footage, and we're willing to bet that your space and this one have one major flaw in common: not a stitch of built-in shelving. It's an issue that tends to result in a sizable arsenal of bottles, brushes, and cosmetics piling up on every available surface. Not satisfied with that? Using key pieces from Target's Back To College Collection and guidance from its Made for U College Styler, we found three simple fixes that take the place of an MIA countertop, medicine cabinet, and linen closet. Steal our stylish solutions, and get ready to organize your way to the ultimate bathroom experience, give or take one clawfoot tub.
Curated Cubbies
Fake the effects of a vanity and in-shower shelving with a hip-height cubby unit. On top, place the products you use daily — like a cleanser, perfume, and your favorite moisturizer — as well as tissues and cotton balls stored in pretty jars. Assign lesser-used products and large styling tools to baskets in the cubbies below, and reserve the rest of the space for washcloths and (for an extremely grown-up touch) guest towels. An added bonus? Having to pull out and sort through your beauty inventory on the regular will remind you to toss expired and never-used products. Hint: If it's on this list, it's time to say a hard goodbye.
Laid-Out Linens
Create de facto linen storage by tucking towels, sheets, and spare pillowcases into a large, easy-to-wipe-clean basket. By keeping the contents tightly rolled, you'll not only create more room — it's the same principle as rolling clothes into a carry-on suitcase — but also ensure that linens stay significantly more wrinkle-free than they would in their former spot (a.k.a. shoved in the back of your closet). In tight quarters, push the basket under the sink for easy access — no extra floor space required.
Superpower Seating
It might feel counterintuitive to add additional furniture to the smallest room in your home, but a versatile, extra-tall stool more than earns its spot. It offers surface space in a counter-deprived area, serves as a prime pedicure platform (no more hoisting a foot onto the sink and dripping polish into the basin), and can be used as a seat for relief during a long curling-iron session. Above all else, though, we like it as a resting spot for our post-shower towel and fresh clothes. It's the well-deserved solution to soggy socks, and the perfect finishing touch for your ultimate bathroom.

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