America’s 10 Weirdest Pizzas — & Where To Find Them

America may not have invented pizza, but it has certainly taken the food group to new heights. And we're talking way more than just stuffed crust. Stray off the beaten path, and there is no shortage of weird, wacky, and delicious pies.
Just ask chef and expert Craig Priebe, whose recent book, The United States of Pizza, includes recipes for the best pizzas across the country. Drawing his inspiration from the local chains and mom-and-pop restaurants that have been under the radar for years, Priebe takes his readers on a culinary road trip for their taste buds, with toppings that range from fresh corn to mac and cheese.
So what exactly do America's weirdest pizzas look like? Priebe shared some of his favorites with us, and we only have one question left: Which one do we eat first?

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