Crazy for Swayze: The Dirty Dancer’s Greatest Style Moments Ever

In honor of the unforgettable Patrick Swayze, we chronicled the iconic actor's top five celluloid style moments. From sexy ghoul to broski surfer, Swayze always managed to steal the show (his superb man cleavage helped).
The Outsiders—The Rugged Canadian Tuxedo Look
We first fell in love with Patrick Swayze as the oldest Curtis brother in The Outsiders. His dirty-dapper denim suits and wife-beaters still make us swoon.
Dirty Dancing—The Catskills Cat-Suit Look
No ode to Swayze would be complete without mentioning the big D.D.—the film that made him the heartthrob of teenage girls--and their moms--everywhere, and okay, a good many adult women too. I mean, who could forget his tanned, muscled arms poking out of his black leotard?
Roadhouse—The Cuffed & Tough Look
In Roadhouse, Swayze swiftly departed from his 'Loverboy' status, playing a tough and risqué bouncer for a nightclub. The rolled-up button-down shirt and the distinctly '80s style jeans definitely send the message: Don't mess with me, but go ahead and look.
Ghost—The Wooer From Beyond Look
We're pretty sure the scene where Swayze helps Demi work the pottery wheel is etched into the minds of every hopeless romantic.
Point Break—The Beach Bum Look
Nothing says surfer like a blond mullet. Swayze totally rocks the Cali look in Point Break, with a smooth tan, loose tees and a few chokers thrown in for good measure.

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