The Craziest Fashion Internship Ad Ever

Say what?! In an internship ad as offensive and crazy as it is grammatically incorrect, one designer is making some pretty unreasonable requests of her future worker while quickly becoming a viral joke. The advertisement promises "the dream of a lifetime" for those willing to wait on fashion designer Natasha Morgan hand and foot 22/7 (the boss "only sleeps 2 hours a day, " samesies), not "ask dumb questions", and "live and breathe and DIEEEEE for Fashion"—all while wearing 4-6" heels. Since the intern is expected to work full time and be on call into "the weeee hours in the morning," this seems more like a trial for a personal assistant than it does an intern. If the intern can withstand three months of unpaid labor under Ms. Morgan, he or she will be officially hired.
We're not saying fashion internships are the easiest, most fun part of a budding designer's training (remember Little J's stint at Eleanor Waldorf's bitch intern?), but this is just a little too intense. From its description of the job (searching the city "for the most insane things") to the all-caps explosions, the message is unapologetic in its blatant advertisement of what promises to be a less-than-stellar (not to mention, illegal) experience. And you know we're not down for that.
Still want the job? Just send in your standard cover letter, resume, and, uh, a full body photo (make sure it's current!) and prepare to "get it all done." Or, if you want to get a real internship, check out our tips here. (Buzzfeed)

Photo: Via Buzzfeed

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