18 Celebrity College Majors That Delight Us

Contrary to popular belief, not all celebrities knew they were destined for stardom. Sure, many have a predisposition to theatrics, but it's not like they were always preparing for their big breaks. Many of our favorite A-listers came to acting after giving more traditional professions a try — or at least more traditional college majors.
In honor of the graduation season, we decided to do a little digging and find out just what university-going celebs studied way back when. And, the answers are pretty funny, at least given what these stars are known for now. Let's just say that if George Clooney and Brad Pitt had stuck with their original life plans, the world would be a completely different place.
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Ashton Kutcher
College: University of Iowa
Major: Biochemical Engineering

Maybe it's time to reconsider all the criticism that Kutcher wasn't qualified to play Steve Jobs.
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Steve Carell
College: Denison University
Major: History

He's certainly got the wardrobe and hairstyle of a history teacher.
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Cindy Crawford
College: Northwestern University
Major: Chemical Engineering

We're more than a little suspicious that she used her science skills to engineer a secret fountain of youth.
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Brad Pitt
College: University of Missouri
Major: Journalism

So, he was almost Pulitzer Prize-winning Brad Pitt...
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Aziz Ansari
College: New York University
Major: Marketing

Man, if only Tom Haverford had majored in marketing. Perhaps, then, Rent-A-Swag would've really, truly taken off.
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George Clooney
College: University of Kentucky and University of Cincinnati
Major: Journalism

Seriously? Clearly, Clooney and Pitt were destined to be BFFs.
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Jake Gyllenhaal
College: Columbia University
Major: Eastern Religion and Philosophy

So, that explains all the plaid.
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Eva Longoria
College: Texas A&M at Kingsville
Major: Kinesiology

Meet Eva Longoria, Wisteria Lane's resident almost sports therapist.
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Lisa Kudrow
College: Vassar College
Major: Biology

Word on the street is she intended to study the science behind headaches just like her dad.
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Gene Simmons
College: Sullivan County Community College
Major: Education

It is close to impossible to imagine the founder of KISS as a teacher, but he definitely did influence the youth of America.
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Sacha Baron Cohen
College: Cambridge University
Major: History

This must be where he got the idea for The Dictator.
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James Franco
College: New York University, Columbia University, Warren Wilson College
Major: Filmmaking, Writing, Poetry...

We could list all of Franco's majors, but we're already overwhelmed.
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Will Ferrell
College: University of Southern California
Major: Sports Information

We can totally see Ferrell as a USC bro.
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Jerry Springer
College: Tulane University
Major: Political Science

Where did things go wrong, Jerry?
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College: University of Michigan
Major: Modern Dance

Well, it certainly wasn't time wasted — the woman can dance.
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Jay Leno
College: Emerson College
Major: Speech Therapy

At least if he gets bored with retirement, he'll have something to fall back on.
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Kerry Washington
College: George Washington University
Major: Double Major In Anthropology & Sociology

Washington graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 1998. Go, Gladiators!
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Julia Roberts
College: Georgia State University
Major: Veterinary Studies

We've never been so happy to see a student drop out of college.

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