Cindy Makes The Call, Heather The Ski Bunny, and LiLo Vs. Kitson

Heather Marks' chalet-themed, Arnaud Pyvka's Italian Marie Claire editorial is a new, leggy take on après ski. (I Love Wildfox)
Kitson has declared war on Lindsay Lohan after she demanded $15,000 in free goods and generally acted like a terrible little snot. So, yeah, it's Tuesday. (Fox News)
Speaking of redheaded she-devils, Maureen Dowd joins Anne Sexton and Edna St. Vincent Millay on BlackBook's list of the most fashionable Pulitzer-Prize Winners. (BlackBook)
The sad, sudden death of Daul Kim continues rock the fashion world as friends speak out, her blog closes to the public, and whispers of a suicide note emerge. (Jezebel/The Daily Beast/Fashionologie)
Along with the Pirelli calendar, it's time to enjoy one of our other favorite wintertime traditions—Holiday window displays! (The Cut)
The Twilight -branded swag bandwagon runs full-speed into a brick wall as heroin baggies featuring Edward show up on Long Island. (CityFile)
Much like your small-cap index funds, nekkid pics of Carla Bruni just aren't worth what they used to be. (Daily Intel)
If you need a nudge to get you out of bed for the Black Friday sales, an automated call by no less than Cindy Crawford ought to do the trick. Personally, our mom will be luring us out of the sheets with the smell of pancakes and bacon. (StyleList)
Yes, Lykke Li, we will indeed still love you tomorrow. (Fader)

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