Cover Your Assets With These Buttcrack Blinders From Hip T

Look what ended up in our inboxes this morning! Let us introduce, the Hip-T —a tube of fabric that creates the illusion that you're wearing maternity jeans. Its real purpose is to hide "bum cleavage" (aka your buttcrack), minimize muffin tops, and create a layering effect without bulk. All this reminds us is of when girls used to layer a lace-trimmed cami underneath a solid-colored top and pair them with pants with a one-inch rise (pulling off skanky and boring is harder than it looks!). So, in case you are of the sort that likes to wear low-rider jeans and a too-short top without wanting to actually commit to the dangers—and the point—of wearing a revealing outfit, these should be right up your alley. As the site proclaims, "Don't let your style fall through the crack!" We recommend just buying a pair of pants that fit.

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