This New Color Generator Site Is Completely Addicting

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If you've ever stood in front of a wall of paint swatches at the hardware store, you're familiar with the overwhelming ordeal that is choosing colors. If you didn't have to eat or use the bathroom, you could very well wind up standing there frozen for five hours, pulling paper slips and holding them next to each other, and still make little headway. 

The good news is that now you can choose your perfect hue from the semi-comfort of your desk. A new site called Coolors makes it possible to cycle through every shade imaginable — all you have to do is hit the space bar, and it shows you five options at a time.
Sure, other generators exist, but this one has a seamless, addicting design. Lock columns as you discover your favorites, then continue flipping the board until you find complementary friends. You can also view popular palettes and download them as various files to print (useful for when you go shopping). Just be warned: We never a knew a black hole could be so rainbow-hued. At this point, all of our daily outfits for the next month and every room in our apartments have an assigned a dream scheme.

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