4 Millionaire Ladies Who Inspire Our Ultra-Ambitious Sides

Did you spend last week dreaming of all the gorgeous gowns, bags, and shoes a Mega Millions win could amount to? Or perhaps it wasn’t so much the clothes that you could buy, but the insane trips you'd take, that sweet new ride, or the house in the Hamptons, that you were fantasizing about? Either way, we were right there with you, imagining our glamorous futures, only to be let down when we realized we weren't in possession of the golden ticket.
Instead of getting all Bitter Betty about the whole thing, though, we decided to channel our losses into inspiration. We've turned to millionairesses who got rich the old fashioned way — by trusting their guts and working their fannies off! Ahead, five women with ambition, ideas, and wondrous work ethics, for some Thursday food for thought. So, take notes, and start jotting down those brilliant business ideas!

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