The Most Controversial Skin-Care Practices Aren’t What You Think

Should I or shouldn't I? When it comes to taking care of your skin, simple questions don't always have simple answers.
And we're not even talking about polarizing procedures, such as Botox or lasers. We mean the seemingly innocuous products and treatments, like eye creams or extractions, that spark debate. Everyone has a different opinion about whether they're beneficial. That's because everyone has different skin. One person's flash in the pan is another's miracle in a jar. The key to finding out what works for you is to collect a ton of information, and to conduct some trial-and-error experiments of your own.
In an effort to help you on your way, we combed through our archives and found opinions from both sides of every beauty coin. Ahead, pros and cons from the experts on some commonplace (but controversial) skin-care practices.

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