ATTN: Refinery29 Commenters! We've Got A New System!

Here's a little service alert for all of you who love popping your opinions below every R29 article you read: At midnight tonight, we'll be moving over to a new Facebook commenting system. What does that mean for you? There won't be any more opportunities to leave anonymous comments (sorry, Mom), but it'll be much easier for folks to leave your two cents. All you've got to have is a Facebook account and it'll automatically publish your profile pic next to the comment you leave.
Why are we switching? Well, it's an easier organizational system, you'll be able to put a face to your fellow readers (bye bye, spammers!), and those trolls who currently feel comfortable calling someone ugly names anonymously might start to play nice now that they don't have a bridge to hide under. We think of it as a win/win, and we hope you do, too!
Oh, and don't worry — your old comments aren't going anywhere and you don't have to post the comments you make onto your own Facebook Wall (just make sure you unclick the box that says "Post to Facebook"!).
You may now return to your normally scheduled commenting frenzy.

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