Is This The Most Insensitive Prom Photo Ever?

Photo: Kathryn Scott Osler/Getty Images.
Some Colorado teens are in trouble after their prom. Not because of their outfits; because of their photo props.  The photo in question, which Denver's Fox 31 reported was taken before Chapparal High School's prom last weekend, shows three boys and five girls posed around a Confederate flag. Two of the girls are holding guns, which appear to have some serious firepower.
Posing with one of the nation's most easily reconizable symbols of white supremacy and racial oppression as a lark — especially when there are ongoing protests against police brutality and institutional racism across the country — is seriously questionable. And, the mother of one of the boys told Fox31 that parents were encouraging the kids to ham it up with the flag and the guns. "There were other parents there fully supporting it and taking pictures,” she said. Aside from the bad taste of posing with the Stars and Bars — are prom pictures with guns a thing now? Is this the next step after guns as wedding accessories?

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