11 Reasons To Explore Cole Valley Immediately

From The Mission’s burgeoning tech scene and storied past to The Haight’s history-making hippie-dippy characters, every San Francisco hood has a distinct reputation. But, there’s one that’s managed to stay under the radar — at least, until now. We’re talking about fog-drenched Cole Valley, an area that, sadly, some locals have yet to explore.
It's a real shame, since it’s undeniably one of the city’s most charismatic corners. A flock of notable local shops are setting up camp there, adding allure and sought-after creativity to the nabe. Naturally, we’ve been tracking their progress and have pulled together a full-fledged itinerary for your first mosey into the valley. Whether you’re looking for a decadent sundae in an art-deco styled ice-cream parlor or an adorable toy shop to entice the tots, Cole Valley is about to be your next great escape. We bet you won’t even miss the crowds in those other parts of town.