Coconut Jerky Is A Thing That Exists — & We're Into It

Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
Photo: Courtesy of Cocoburg.
What's on my desk this week? A food product that I previously had no idea even existed: Cocoburg's Coconut Jerky. When this strange snack popped up in a package one fateful day, I (along with my fellow food team-ers) gasped. Had the coconut trend officially gone too far? What the hell was this: coconut-flavored meat or well-seasoned fruit leather?! As it turns out, it was an oddly satisfying mix of the two.
A true vegan jerky (also gluten and soy-free), Cocoburg's product is made from the fruit-flesh of coconuts. We're certainly used to sipping on the water form or even snacking on crispy-sweet flakes and chips, but jerky? Now that is NEW one. Once I got over the initial concept shock, I ripped open a bag of the original and bit in. The flavor was savory, but in a very subtle way — not overly seasoned and spicy like so many jerkies I had chomped on in the past. The consistency was soft yet firm, without being overly chewy or dried out (kind of like a larger, softer, and more savory coconut chip). It was weirdly delicious.
You can scoop up the above described original variety, or go for the chili lime (Thai-spiced with tropical citrus fruit flavors) and ginger teriyaki (umami flavor with hints of teriyaki and a kick of ginger). The bags go for $5.99 and are available online and in store at participating Whole Foods.
*Tip: Buy all three varieties and create a triple-threat, kick-ass flavor medley.
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