Coco’s Dance Party and Daul’s Bleach Job: Our Cheat Sheet To 3 Top Models’ Blogs

We've always wanted to know what went on inside a model's pretty little head. Birds chirping? Thoughts of Proustian resonances in a letter from John Keats to Benjamin Bailey? Turns out, it's somewhere in between. Yesterday, Jezebel scoured the interwebs for the blogs of five top models, including our personal faves Daul Kim, Coco Rocha, and Cameron Russell. Now we've gone and compiled a comprehensive cheat-sheet for the best of the three fashion darling's scribbles, doodles, and pictorials. If you want to know why Cameron Russell gives money to the homeless or what Coco would bring with her in a fire, read on!
Coco Rocha
Her Blog:
Best Quote:
"I think to myself, if it was a real fire what should I bring with me. My American Express, but in case they didn't take A.E. I brought my Master Card. And then my new biker jacket that I only bought a few hours earlier."
Best Blog Moment:
Coco treats us to a little video of herself dancing in the car and proves she's just a normal, lovely gal...With a multi-million dollar face.
Read on for Cameron's take on feminism (it involves peeing in bushes) and Daul's take on Kundera...

Cameron Russell
Her Blog:
Best Quotes:
"This is what feminism should be about, I thought. Why can't I pee in a bush surrounded by hundreds of people and get away with it? Who cares that I'll make 72 cents to the dollar if I have to go pee badly."
Best blog moment:
Um, the girl routinely writes mini-essays on the apathy of our generation. Smart and perfectly symmetrical? Jealousy becomes us.
Daul Kim
Her Blog:
Best Quotes:
"I'm reading his books bow days...and I like him a lot...and people were like really. U like Milan as if its it??...I don't get it....I love his style of writing...very reasonable, erotic, interesting, kind of grotesque."
Best Blog Moment:
Besides the death of her beloved guinea pig, Daul also blogged her own dye job. But, with her taste for Kundera, this girl is definitely no dumb blonde.

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