7 Cocktails You Can Make On A Plane — No Carry-On Ingredients Required

There's no place like home for the holidays. But, unfortunately for many of us, the only way to get there is via air travel. Whether you're afraid of heights or just high ticket prices, flying at the end of the year is one of the more stressful December rituals many of us celebrate. While there are multiple ways to mitigate the hassle of holiday travel (fuzzy socks, giant Toblerone Peaks), an easy solution, for those lucky enough to be legal, is simple: booze.
If you need something to relax with (and take your jangly nerves and make them jingle), a stiff drink is like a mini upgrade for less than the cost of your checked bag. But rather than settling for your regular order, here are seven drinks that kick it up a notch, no fancy equipment required. Best paired with fuzzy socks.
Availability of drinks and alcohol vary from airline to airline. Be very nice to your flight attendant if you can't portion out the mixers yourself, or go with a simpler, two-ingredient option.

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