Why You Should Be Thanking Your Clothes

Photographed by Eva K. Salvi.
Apparently, we've been skipping a key ritual in our home life for some time: paying sincere homage to our clothes, and thanking them for the hard work they do for us every day. We know, we know — but hear us out. The thank-your-clothes tip comes from decluttering expert Marie Kondo (who has a three-month waiting list for her services). In Japan, Kondo is a celebrity. And, she does have a point: Jeans and T-shirts do work hard for us. How could sending good vibes to our wardrobes be a bad idea?
The wider concept here is seeing clothes organization not as a problem, but as a positive exercise. We should have a healthy relationship with our clothing pieces, and we should only hold on to those items that really bring us joy. Perhaps the thing we (and our cluttered closets) have been doing wrong all along is not giving credit where credit is due. So, we'll try giving out some positive affirmation over those cashmere sweaters, if you'd like to join us. Then, click over to A Cup Of Jo for the rest of Kondo's zen tips. Here goes: Thanks, pants.

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