Wait, HOW Many Germs Are On Your Keyboard?

Produced by Jiro Kohl.
Think about how many things you've touched today — your phone, handrails, cash, doorknobs — and everything you have yet to touch. Now think about how many times you've touched your face (we won't judge — those status meetings are pretty boring). Well, what if we told you there are more than 25,000 germs hanging around your phone alone? It's enough to make you want to run home and wash your face this instant. In our first installment of Porefection with bareMinerals, we're laying down the cold, hard facts on how those dirty digits affect your skin, often resulting in unwanted blemishes and damage. As it turns out, your daily lather is way more important than you may have realized. We won't spoil any of the deets here, but let's just say the video above has even the laziest among us cleaning up our hygiene and our skin-care routines. Now, excuse us while we go wipe down our cell phones.
Whether it’s a simple two-step process or a 10-product regimen, we bet you’ve got your skin-care routine down pat. But taking care of your skin doesn't stop when you leave your bathroom. That’s why we've paired up with bareMinerals to create Porefection, a video series that breaks down the stats you need to know to take care of your complexion beyond the bathroom sink.

Produced by Jiro Kohl; Creative Director: Angela Sumner; Photographed by Jess Nash; Styled by Jesper Gudbergsen; Hair and Makeup by Rachel Wood at ABTP Agency; Nails by Rachel Shim; Production Design by Lizzie Lang.

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