The (Toe) Claws Come Out In Vogue Italia

Well this is...disturbing. Hot on the heels (literally) of the "is this racist" debate over Vogue Italia's "Haute Mess" editorial, come these photos from Minx, on the nail looks used on the shoot. And they aren't pretty. The super-long fingernails are questionable in terms of ethnic stereotypes, but it's the grotesquely elongated toenails that are skeeving us out — those things look dangerous.
We get that Stephen Meisel was going for provocative and exaggerated, but this is cray cray. Celebrity nail stylist Lisa Logan, who created the looks, described the shoot as "Fashion Week on steroids." To create the toenail tips, she Minxed two-inch nail tips and attached them to models feet. The effect is mesmerizing, but we're not sure it's in a good way.
What do you think, are these tricked-out toes high-fashion or hells to the no?

Photo: Courtesy of Minx

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