Chunklet’s Indie Cred Test: Get Ready To Fail!

Sure, you're the only human being with a tattoo of Arthur Russell, you wear horn-rimmed glasses salvaged from the 1902 sinking of a New England whaling vessel, you've never read Pitchfork because they don't publish in zine format, and you only listen to music if it's available on phonograph cylinder—but are you really indie? Well, the lovable jackwagons of Chunklet are here to help you find out with their new self-published book,
The Indie Cred Test
. Billed as "what a standardized test would be if it grew a pair," the 192 pages includes questions like, "Does your Body Count have 'Cop Killer'", "Have you ever bought a record on colored vinyl and sold the one you owned on black?", and "Do you keep Mothers next to Zappa?" If the answers to any of these questions were "yes", "no", or "I haven't the foggiest clue what you're talking about", then the The Indie Cred Test is perfect for you or the insufferable hipster snob in your life. Go here to check out more questions and here to order up one for yourself. It's the perfect thing to slide into your indie bookshelf between No Logo and Kafka On The Shore.

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