5 Things To Know This AM — Apr 29 2012

Perpetually-on-our-hot-list Chloe Sevigny shows off her beach body in Miami this weekend, and not only does she have on a great bikini, but the actress looks phe-nom. What's more shocking: That the actress is now 37 or that she's 37 and still looks like Jenny from Kids? (Just Jared)
50 Shades Of Gray mania has hit the US, and the first stop was Books & Books right here. All of this over what ostensibly started out as a Twilight fanfic. True story. (Associated Press)
Now it's time for a bed race. Because, well, why not? (NBC Miami)
Hey Obama, maybe you should take a campaign cue from our guy Gus in Surfside who is running for Commissioner. His very cool campaign slogan is "Return To Awesomeness", and his quick commercial is seriously charming. The cute reporter is hoping to get local to the polls, so check him out. Gus, wanna court the fashion vote? Call us! (Eye On Miami)
One of our favorite bloggers, The Fashion Poet, is getting sassy in a floral onesie for her new shoot. You go, Annie girl! (The Fashion Poet)
Photo: Via Just Jared

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