These 18 Childhood Cereals Take Us BACK

There's a question that's been weighing heavy on my mind lately; something that I return to, time and time again: What happened to cereal? I realize, on the most literal of levels, that nothing has actually happened to cereal; it's still around, still fully stocked in the aisles of our local grocery stores and corner bodegas. But something is different. The cereal I see my friends and coworkers eating today is not the cereal of 18 to 20 plus years ago (basically the cereal of childhood) — it's now virtually colorless, packed with "nutrients", and granola-fied to an inch of it's cereal-hood. And although the multi-colored, cartoon-laden, shining sugary boxes of yore still sit on the shelves, I still find myself wistfully reminiscing over their youthful vitality. Because somehow they seem to have taken a backseat to the, more "natural," adult options — and I, for one, miss them deeply.
If you too have laid awake at night wondering what happened to Fred and Barney's Fruity Pebbles career, if the silly rabbit ever realized that Trix really were for kids, or perhaps if Lucky ever got those kids away from his Lucky Charms, then join me in a trip down breakfast memory lane. Because even though we may not see Tony the Tiger on the regular anymore (when did we become overnight oats people?!) to remind us just how "Gurrrreat!" Frosted Flakes are, we can always remind ourselves and each other (kumbaya).
And so we've rounded up 18 boxes to take you back — scroll forth and immerse yourselves in some serious cereal nostalgia.

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