This Avocado-Shaped Bowl Is The Year’s Most Delicious Gift

You know that thing where you try to “plant” your avocado pit in water (suspended by the requisite toothpicks) in the hopes that in a few short months, you — ever the fruit optimist — will be harvesting your own delicious avocados? Pipe dreams. Soften the blow that your sweet little seedling will likely never bear fruit by getting a load of our newest ceramic/fruit obsession: Chen Chen & Kai Williams.
The design duo makes planters cast from real fruit: horned melons, cantaloupes, and — naturally — avocados. Perfect for holding that fledgling fruit plant — or, more realistically, your jewelry, your keys, errant puzzle pieces, and tokens from the bar/arcade — the colorful ceramics are even more desirable once you take a gander at that price point. Yep, you can nab these cuties for just $20. The only thing we like better than attractive ways to bring the outdoors in are accessible ways to do it, too. Chen Chen & Kai Williams meets both criteria in a totally appeeling way.