Making These Popular Smoothies At Home Saved More Money Than We Expected

What's one of our biggest budget weaknesses? Fancy smoothies. Whether it's Juice Generation, Liquiteria, Juice Press, or Jamba Juice, we sometimes find ourselves dropping a chunk of change for a cool cup of fruity-frosty beverage bliss. Picking up our favorite blend from our favorite chain is fast, easy, and dependable — so we forget to consider how much those prices can actually start to add up (and fast). Ranging anywhere from $6 to $10 a pop, these sweet sips can end up running you a whopping total of $70 a week (if you're a smoothie a day type of person). But instead of quitting cold turkey, we decided to try an alternative method: making copycat versions at home.
Lucky for us, most of our favorite smoothie shops list their ingredients — so we were able to guesstimate ratios and take a bit of creative license with ingredient replacements and additions for an at-home attempt. Scroll on to see how much we were able to save — and more importantly, for some tasty morning recipe inspiration. Who knows, you may just find yourself pocketing an extra $21 to $24 dollars a week.

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