3 Foolproof Ways To Cut Your Grocery Spending To Just $20 A Week

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
This story was originally published on September 27, 2017.
Living as a single person in any city has its perks and its challenges. For me, one of the major downsides is money — specifically how much I spend on grocery shopping. Because as much as I can pinch my pennies in other areas of my life, shopping "vintage" or "thrift" grocery stores isn't exactly a thing.
Food expenses add up, especially when you aren't splitting those total costs with a partner or an S.O. — so for me, each week turns into a never-ending battle to spend as little money as possible on as much food as possible, without over-buying or succumbing to meal monotony in the process. Is such a thing even possible? Not only can it be done, but if you have the right tricks in place, you can get your weekly spend down to $20 or less. After experimenting with my fair share of cost and time effective meal hacking, I've narrowed down the top approaches for successfully slashing my weekly grocery bill. Scroll on fellow singles, for three tips to help you creatively cut back while still filling up, too.
Grocery budgets, diets, preferred food intake, and store prices will vary widely from person to person and region to region, so let these tips serve as helpful suggestions and not all-encompassing guarantees. And be sure to share your best single-serving hacks with us in the comments below!

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