This St. Louis Rental Building Gives Slick NYC Co-Ops A Run For Their Money

On glowing NYC days like this, it's hard to feel anything but absolute admiration for our city— but don't worry, we've got a healthy dose of envy, right here. We bring you the York House Apartments of St. Louis, MO., a new apartment complex that has features like custom cabinetry, oak floors, and fireplaces in the pre-war living rooms. And, well, it's making us re-evalutate our geographic choices. Okay, so our Ad director may be related to the building's developer, but the perks are undeniable: For $1,500 - $2,400 a month, these people get an average of 1,000 fully equipped square-feet. We're talking in-unit washer/dryers, marble-slab kitchens, new central HVAC and water piping, as well as access to their own lockers to store bottles of wine and liquor that the library bartender will serve to them in the building's lobby...nice, right? But if that doesn't get you, try the Penthouse, which boasts oak wood walls, spiral-staircases, and a private-rooftop hangout for —wait for it— a whopping $6,000 a month. What does the same six grand a month in Manhattan get you? In most areas it's just a bit more than a spot for a twin bed and a roommate with some questionable habits. Suffice it to say, this St. Louis dwelling is making our digs look like dumps — not to mention leaving our liquor out in the cold. Still, one walk through the West Village would cure us of the rage this research may or may not have induced, because given Manhattan's undeniable pull, the overpriced real estate that rules our city is fair game (or so think the millions, us included, that buy into it). But next time your rent has you eating rice and beans for days on end, know a place like this exists. And if the Big Apple is your happy, humble home for good — hey, you can visit us. We'll still be living in an overpriced, one-room pad, right down the street.

Photos: Via York Houses

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