It’s A Match: Can You Spot The Celeb Behind The Decor Collection?

We see them all the time: celebrities-turned-designers. If you had a chance to morph your name into a multimillion-dollar brand, wouldn't you? (We would.) But the reality is — in fashion and decor — some celebrity ventures just aren't that well thought-out. After all, it's far too easy just to stamp your name on a mass-produced collection and watch the money roll in. Yet, part of being a "brand" is knowing how to infuse your own style and red-carpet personality into your products for fans and the run-of-the-mill consumer. And whether it be fast decor or high-end luxury, there are some celebs who do it better than others.
That said, we're curious just how well these big names can translate their image into products. So, we rounded up the stars out there who have really injected their flair into home goods — and now, we're putting you to the test. Some sell their collections in big-box retail stores; others have more discreet interior-design passions — but can you pick up their subtle or not-so subtle influence? In the slideshow ahead, match the home product to the celeb you think best describes them. You might be pleasantly surprised!

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