Decor Dare: Paint Your Ceiling A Crazy Color

greenceilingPhoto: Courtesy of Welke.
We took one look at this dining room and had an epiphany: Hello, there's no need to touch your plain, white walls to give any room a high-octane jolt of color. Many interior designers shy away from painting in loud hues, but when it's just the ceiling, a saturated color like this green really makes an interesting impact. Clean, modern elements, like the falling bubble lamp and the large, mounted art print, provide sleekness, and the warm mahogany floors provide great contrast and interplay with the ceiling.
If you're not quite ready to commit to the concept, bathrooms are the perfect testing ground for something a bit unorthodox. Try giving the ceiling a coat of hot pink or punchy tangerine. Something tells us your tired-eyed Monday mornings will perk right up.