Illustrator Cedric Rivrain Does Bandaged-Up Drawings of Kate, Sasha, and More

Artist Cedric Rivrain, who's put his drawing hand to work for magazines like Dazed, Tokion, and Numéo, recently just finished up his first solo exhibit in Paris, aptly labeled Drawings. The exhibit, curated by fantastic designer Martine Sitbon, featured a bevy of prettily sketched models like Kate Moss, Sasha Pivovarova, and Anabela Belikova, in designer duds like Balenciaga and Prada. But the twist? Both the models and the clothes are covered over in band-aids, which, he told, are "kind of [like] jewelry and can be as ornamental as a garment." Does this mean a band-aid on your Margiela can lend it even more chic? Certainly a hell of a lot cheaper than real jewelry. (Fashionologie)

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