This $10 Dry Shampoo Will Get Your Instagram Flat Lay SO Many Likes

This dry shampoo is so beautiful. Let me tell you, those are six words I never thought I'd utter. But last week, after resting my eyes on Lulu Organics' new Patchouli Rose hair powder, I let out a girlish squeal and said just that. Seeing as this is a tube of powder designed to make not washing your hair easy, the chicness of it is damn impressive. But as we all know, it's what's on the inside that counts. And as someone who has been very vocal about my love of daily hair-washing, I'm not going to throw my support behind any old dry shampoo. Believe me when I say this stuff is a whole lot more powerful than it looks — and has me rethinking my reliance on wet shampoo. Unlike most formulas, which come in an aerosol can, this one is dispensed salt-shaker style, meaning you sift the white clay, rice powder, and corn starch blend out through tiny holes at the top. I've found the most success when I section off my hair and tap a little powder into my roots before massaging it in. It goes on white, but disappears into my black hair in a matter of seconds, absorbing oil, sweat, and odor in the process. Is it the all-time best dry shampoo I've ever used? I'm not ready to hand out that title yet, but it is lovely to have on my vanity and I've fallen for the light, patchouli-rose scent. However, it's ridiculously small (it fits in the palm of my hand), but for $10, I wouldn't expect a year's worth. And as a bonus, it's sold at the chicest Brooklyn boutique, Catbird, so it never feels like an errand when I have to stock up on a refill for that flat lay (seriously, see here) that's guaranteed to get all the likes.

Catbird x Lulu Organics
Patchouli Rose Powder, $10, available online and in-store at Catbird.