Be A Cat Lady Like Grace Coddington With These 7 Pillows

The label "cat lady" is refreshingly no longer pathetic. We have Internet memes and kitty celebs to thank for that. It's completely fine to be obsessed with our four-legged friends. One tastemaker who's stood firmly by her love of felines (even when it wasn't semi-ironically trending online) is Grace Coddington.
WSJ recently interviewed the Vogue legend and style icon about an upcoming nude-inspired auction for Paddle8. But, of course the conversation and photos veered back to her hoarding tendencies and intense love of all things feline. Nudes? Whatever. Give us purring pets any day. And, after seeing her sweet pillows, we decided today was as good a day as any to start our own collection. Ahead, get your cuddle on the Coddington way.

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